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LAPD - 3 - 2019


US ~ Miami

Lab Assistant (Per Diem)

Company Overview

Our growing and successful business comprises of over 850 talented individuals globally, in an environment where everybody counts and is instrumental to our success.  With state-of-the-art manufacturing and clinical facilities in the UK and USA, we deliver a full range of drug development solutions around the globe saving our clients both time and money.

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The Role

  • The Laboratory Assistant is responsible for following protocol guidelines for the preparation, collection, transfer and storage of all specimens according to protocol requirements. 
  • Primary responsibilities include monitoring of proper study sample collection and storage of samples and assisting as needed in shipping biological samples to sponsor designated analytical laboratories.
  • To ensure study data is collected to a high quality in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.
  • To ensure subject safety at all times

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and understands study protocols prior to initiation of study.
  • Must be able to separate plasma and operate laboratory centrifuges.
  • Must be familiar with relevant SOPs.
  • Must be familiar with ongoing protocols and laboratory requirements.
  • Must maintain organization and cleanliness of work space.
  • Assists in taking inventory of lab supplies and maintaining adequate supplies for each study.
  • Assists in the review of protocol specimen processing requirements, and identifying the quantity and availability of supplies needed to accomplish specimen collection.
  • Submits the lab supply requests to Administration on a timely basis using the properly filled out Lab Supply Request form.
  • Assists in identifying and providing the information required for the formatting and processing of labels to be affixed to the blood collection tubes and specimen tubes.
  • Assists in the planning, implementing and verifying the proper preparation of collection tubes, freezer vials and their respective labels.
  • Compares collection tube and storage vial, ensuring that both tube and vial are correct, and pipetting plasma or serum into the correct storage vial prior to freezing or further processing.
  • Centrifuges blood samples according to the speed and duration of time as requested by the protocol.
  • Places samples in a rack in numerical order by subject number for transfer into previously prepared and labeled storage vials.
  • Maintains the Laboratory Sample Processing Record that will indicate the transfer of each specimen to a freezer vial.
  • Verifies the completion and accuracy of the specimen records as indicated in the Standard Operating Procedures Manual.
  • Assists in verifying that the lab requisitions for specimens sent to the outside lab contain the correct test(s), date and time of collection and other specimen identifiers (subject numbers, etc).
  • Verifies that all bio hazardous materials are disposed of in the appropriate biohazard container and/or box, and that they are properly labeled and placed in the bio hazardous waste transporter for pickup.
  • Assists in any other duties as assigned.


The Candidate

  • High School Diploma
  • Phlebotomist certificate                       
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in laboratory procedures.
  • Working knowledge of State of Florida OSHA guidelines.
  • Capable of coordinating and planning staff duties to accomplish tasks.
  • Thorough in task completion - attention to detail.

The job may involve the following:

  • Very high concentration of work
  • Strict and tight deadlines
  • Having to juggle a range of tasks/issues simultaneously
  • Working in a hazardous environment with high requirement to follow safety procedures
  • Working outside normal working hours
  • Needing to respond to client demands


Company benefits

In return you will receive a competitive salary, a generous benefits package, excellent training and development, as well as an exciting career within a fast paced and dynamic business.

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