Ref No.

PAEPD - 2019


US ~ Miami

Clinical Research Technician (with Phlebotomy experience) - Per Diem

Company Overview

Our growing and successful business comprises of over 850 talented individuals globally, in an environment where everybody counts and is instrumental to our success.  With state-of-the-art manufacturing and clinical facilities in the UK and USA, we deliver a full range of drug development solutions around the globe saving our clients both time and money.

People join Quotient Sciences because we are a respected member of the drug development world, specialising in delivering innovative solutions that integrate formulation development, real time GMP manufacturing and clinical testing We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and our engaged culture. We are passionate about helping our customers get new medicines to market.


The Role

  • Collects biological samples, performs phlebotomy, vital signs and ECG’s in accordance with the specific activity schedule.
  • Tracks overall study event schedule and participant compliance.
  • To ensure study data is collected to a high quality in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards.
  • To ensure subject safety at all times

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for collection of biological samples; e.g. urine, and sputum.
  • Responsible for drawing blood specimens (by venepuncture) according to the times specified in the study schedules.
  • Responsible for recording and maintaining records of blood draws and other biological specimen collections (per SOPs) via paper or electronic. 
  • Assist with the proper labelling and preparation of blood collection tubes when indicated.
  • Assures that all necessary blood collection tubes, equipment and supplies are on the floor prior to blood draw time.
  • Prepares the unit for any scheduled activities and upon completion removes all equipment and/or supplies from the floor.
  • Able to take and record accurate vital signs; recognize and report any abnormal vital signs.
  • Able to operate ECG machine and or holter if within scope of practice.
  • Promptly reports any study participant’s adverse event and/or lack of compliance to the Study Nurse Coordinator.
  • Must be familiar with proper phlebotomy and laboratory procedures in compliance with OSHA regulations, Good Clinical Practices and Quotient Sciences Operating Procedures.
  • Responsible for proper biomedical waste disposal procedures and schedules.
  • Responsible for reading and understanding all protocols and schedules.
  • Responsible for assisting in the recording and distributing of meals to study participants according to strict meal schedules.
  • Assures that the unit is kept clean and orderly at all times and removes any items not permitted from the floor.
  • Able to interact and maintain a professional demeanour with study participants during their inpatient stay.
  • Responsible for observing confidentiality practices regarding any protocols, subject information and/or any relevant industry information at all times.
  • Assists with the preparation of data collection binders and study documents as assigned by the Study Nurse Coordinator.
  • Assists with any other duties as assigned.

Additional Tasks / Responsibilities

  • General tasks that may sit outside Section 3.
  • Include Cross Training
  • Deputy Archivist/RPS

Job Demands

The job may involve the following:

  • Very high concentration of work
  • Strict and tight deadlines
  • Having to juggle a range of tasks/issues simultaneously
  • Working in a hazardous environment with high requirement to follow safety procedures
  • Working outside normal working hours
  • Needing to respond to client demands


The Candidate

  • Technical school phlebotomy training or Medical Assistant certificate.
  • Minimum two years of active phlebotomy experience preferred.
  • Required to have working knowledge of OSHA regulations and proper blood collection techniques (evaluable during employee orientation period).


Company benefits

In return you will receive a competitive salary, excellent training and development, as well as an exciting career within a fast paced and dynamic business.

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